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Disgruntlements from across the water.

“The pre-launch expectation that Novak created was almost as delicious as the eruption of joy after the ball made its way through the net. When the odd heave would clang horribly off the rim—the shot always looks perfect, but basketball, like most things in life, is far from perfect—it was existentially jarring, as if some fundamental flaw in physics had suddenly revealed itself.”

Enjoying this.

“Now, I’m a sports blogger, and we are not easily given to hyperbole - so believe me when I tell you that the ‘92 Dream Team could join forces with the Avengers, play this Knicks team ten-on-five, and still fail to break 90 points.”

Behind the Knicks Logo

Love this post by Seth Rosenthal on Posting and Toasting about the evolution of the current Knicks logo. Funny cause I was looking at recently when the new jerseys came out and had that basketball logo on the back that I wasn’t familiar with (and that I like very much, it fits in nicely with the old school feel of the new jerseys) and was wishing I had a bit more info on their various graphic representations. So, thanks Seth.

UPDATE: A second post about the Knicks logo up on ESPN, featuring an interview with then NBA creative director Thomas O’Grady. LINK

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In an interview with MSG’s Alan Hahn during a Knicks summer league game, the dearly departed Landry Fields, of all people, delivered the Dolan dagger. “Poison pill?” Fields said of his buddy’s Year 3 salary. “This is a Tic Tac for James Dolan.”

Don’t blame Melo for Lin’s end in N.Y.

Landry may not have had the best season last year but I reckon he still has potential if he gets the right system to play in. At any rate he always seemed like one of the guys that would be best to go have a beer with. And I love this quote, great how the little barbs can come out now that he is free from the MSG media yoke.

The New York Knicks Podcast - Episode 137: Houston is Still Going to Suck

Love these guys.

These guys were a lot of fun to cheer for. While Jeffries’ exit has been overshadowed completely by the recent Lintroversy I’ll definitely miss that sense of reassurance that you’d get knowing he was there to come off the bench and give the team that extra extra toughness and grit.

Sweet! Pocket aces! Come on, JD, don’t mess this up. … Why is this asshole dealer looking at me like that and why is that dude in the cowboy hat smiling? Oh man, I think he knows. … Nah, he doesn’t know, he’s so stupid with his stupid hat and his stupid accent. Shit. He does know. Maybe I should call Isiah? Nah, cause if they see me calling Isiah, they’ll all laugh. Play it cool, Jimmy. What would be the only thing they’d never expect from you? What would Isiah do? WWID? Fold, Jimmy, fold!

DOLAN: I fold.
DEALER: Sir, it’s not your turn to act.
DOLAN: Don’t tell me what to do.
MAN IN HAT: Folded aces again, huh?
DOLAN: It was the right move, dickface.

Dumb Move, Dolan

Thanks Jay Caspian Kang, this article contains the righteous indignation that I needed this morning.